ROCCO RUSSINO: from the south of Italy to an itinerant business in Austria

Today we want to introduce Rocco Russino, one of our clients who collected his new truck in June 2020. A few months later, he’s ready to share his experience with his BBM’s food truck.

When did you decide to start working as an itinerant trader?

I was born in Venosa, in the south of Italy, and at 17 I moved to Germany, in Wuppertal, where I lived and worked for almost 20 years.

In 2004 I went to Austria on a vacation and I immediately fell in love with it, both for the landscape and also because it was closer to Italy. Then I decided to spend a couple of seasons in the mountains, working in the lodges. The hotel industry, though, doesn’t pay much, so I understood it was about time to put my business ideas to good use: at the time I worked in a bar in Carinthia, the lake region. There I met a man who sold his products in the markets but, being close to retirement, he wanted to sell his truck. I decided to risk and to take advantage of the many tourism opportunities offered by the region, so I requested the permits to sell gastronomy products and a week later I started with this rickety truck: that day my itinerant business began.

Only 3 years after, I bought a new truck with an hydraulic platform. With this type of vehicle, though, loading and unloading my refrigerated stands was rather uncomfortable. 8 years later I then decided to look for a new solution, more comfortable, professional and suitable for my needs.

How did you discover BBM?

I started to look on the internet for companies who manufacture food trucks and mobile shop trucks and, among all, I chose to contact BBM for the quality and precision’s feeling which transpired from your works.

Which type of vehicle did you choose?

I chose a Little Jack set on a trailer with mover because I have a couple of pitches which are not suited to enter with a truck. This roll-off kiosk, then, allows me to work on the ground and on the same level as my clients. Thanks to the lateral tailgates which open up completely and to the protective curtais, the visual impact is truly effective.

Does your itinerant business still allow you to have loyal customers?

I have 3 permanent pitches where I work, so clients always know where to find me. The Little Jack made a great impression and I saw an increase in revenue and in the people interested in my typical Italian products. This new vehicle conveys, without any doubt, the idea to be a professional and hygienic vehicle, perfect to carry out an itinerant activity.

Why would you recommend BBM?

I would absolutely recommend BBM for the precision and reliability with which you have followed the entire process, from the pre-sale up to the delivery of the vehicle. Moreover, the quality of the truck is amazing and everything has been manufactured with care in every detail.

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