Have you ever admired a vintage car in the streets of your city? Or have you ever seen the American super cars or super trucks and dreamt of driving them?

It’s always a pleasure to see particular vehicles around: they have a certain charme that catches also the most distracted drivers.

In the street food world there is a plethora of renovated vintage vehicles set up as food trucks, but we noticed there wasn’t a vehicle to attract the American dream’s lovers. Drawing inspiration from this concept, we designed and produced our new entry, the Americano.

The Americano is a blend of sophisticated Italian design and functionality: we designed it with an aggressive style to satisfy the need for an eye-catching vehicle that has all the comforts of a new truck at the same time.

The Americano design, created exclusively by our team, requires modifying the front-end of a 3,5 tons Peugeot Boxer chassis, giving it its unique look.

Whether you sell food, merchandising or need to plan a promotional tour, the Americano is super versatile and suited for any type of business on wheels, since it can be set-up in many different ways according to your needs. For nature lovers, there is also the possibility to deisgn an American style campervan, which will leave all your travel companions speechless! You can customize not only the internal layout, but also the external graphic design to transform the Americano into a true mobile advertising.

Moreover, unlike vintage vehicles, it is not subject to traffic restrictions (it is Euro 6.2) and obviously it does not have the typical mechanical and engine problems which can occur with used or old trucks.

If you want to be noticed when you drive through your city, this is the truck for you: leave your mark with the Americano!

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