FOOD TRUCKS: 2021 STREET FOOD TRENDS – Three ideas for a successful itinerant business

Street Food is always open to innovations. Year after year we witness the creation of new Food Trucks that offer different dishes. In 2021, which are the 3 hottest trends in the Street Food world?

  1. Ethical Food

Sustainability is one of the main trends of 2021 in various fields. In fact, 62% of consumers prefer to buy food products from companies who have a certain sensitivity towards the environment. The perception that what we eat has an impact on the environment is ever more a common feeling. For this reason, many itinerant businesses have revolutioned their activity proposing Ethical Street Food. Choosing to eat in an ethical way is a matter of respect. Respect for our own health and the well-being of animals and the environment. Among the various options in the Street Food field, the most successful ones are: choosing farm-to-table products, using seasonal produce, vegan and organic dishes.

2. Poke

Welcome to Hawaii! Poke has landed on Food Trucks. Poke started our as a poor dish of the Hawaiian cuisine since it was a simple rice bowl, often dressed with fish waste spiced and flavored with seaweed. The Hawaiian Poke idea has been adapted and revised by the chefs that offer this dish. Poke is particularly fit for Street Food since it is served in a bowl, often a disposable one, and is then extremely practical for take away. Buying a Poke Bowl, you can decide how to compose your meal by choosing the type of rice, the protein, the vegetables and sauces. A great option to eat our in a healthy way!

3. From Fast Food to Fast Good

French fries, hamburger and barbecue sauce? No, the Fast Food concept is evolving. It’s being substituted with Fast Good, a gourmet version of the Fast Food dishes we are accustomed to. These are healthy and tasty meals prepared with particular cooking techniques and prime ingredients. Street Food is thus valued at best and appreciated even by the most skeptical ones.

Did you already know these trends? If you want to discover other news on Food Trucks and the Street Food field, follow our blog to read our articles!

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