On 24th March 2020, all Europe will celebrate the Gelato Day, the eight edition dedicated to the European Artisanal Gelato Day. The only food category to own a dedicated day by the European Parliament! Ice-cream, because of its long tradition, is a symbol of artisanal excellence and creativity, explained with these words: “Among the fresh dairy products, artisanal ice-cream represents excellence in terms of quality and food safety, while promoting the agri-food products of each member state”.

Celebrations will be carried out with events and activities to develop the artisanal gelato culture through themed contests, masterclasses dedicated to ice-cream processing and its features, charity events with sports bodies and associations. Each year, there is a “Flavor of the Year” chosen by the participating countries: in 2020, the Netherlands have chosen to pay tribute to a classic, variegated strawberry yoghurt. In 2019, instead, we have honored a typical Italian dessert, tiramisu.

Artisanal Gelato in numbers

The artisanal ice-cream industry was composed by, in an esteem made in 2018, 108.000 ice-cream parlours distributed in 76 different countries in the world, generating a total turnover of 16 billion euros, continuing a positive growing trend which is restless.

Europe is in the first position, totalizing 60% of revenues: the reason is that it is right here that the largest amount of ice-cream parlours is concentrated. Italy, in particular, is the undisputed leader worldwide, thanks to the 39.000 ice-cream parlours in the territory, which make a 2,8 billion euros turnover. Following, there is Germany (where almost 50% of the ice-cream shops are owned by Italians), Spain, Poland, England, Austria, Greece and France.

The rest of the world, on the other hand, has Argentina, USA and Brasil at the forefront, with a strong growth in the East thanks to China, Korea, Malaysia and Australia: lots of the Italians who moved here have diffused the Italian tradition of artisanal ice-cream.

Italy, in fact, is not the heart of the whole chain just for the production technique and the creativity of its master craftsmen, but also for the ingredients, the semi-finished ice-cream products, the production of machines and window displays, which are built in our country and distributed all over the world.

Gelato Day 2020 then promises to be a major event for all the industry professionals who want to leave their mark in the European ice-cream scene, but also for all those who want to taste the “Flavor of the Year” in the ice-cream shops that participate in this initiative. In order to be informed on the programmed events, you can visit

To stay on the same topic, we are showing you our proposal of a street food vehicle specific for ice-cream shops: Little Jack with an ice-cream counter is the perfect vehicle to promote how tasty your cones and cups are wherever you want!

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