FOOD TRUCKS’ ANCESTOR: a little bit of history

Did you know that the first vehicle used to transport and sell food dates back to 1800?

The first one to have this idea was Charles Goodnight, a breeder from Texas, who in 1866 set up his carriage with food and beverage.

His intention was to feed the first cowboys who passed through the Wild West to lead the cattle to New Mexico. On his kart he put a water barrel, wood to light the fire and food, which included mostly beans, salted meat, coffee, biscuits and other dry food.

Some years later, when the population started growing and some real cities were created, on the streets there started to be some old wagons turned into coffee shops. They weren’t moving, but for sure they inspired the first trucks!

At the end of ’800 in New York emerged hot dogs’ street vendors: the first to offer a hot meal, fast and cheap, ideal for workmen who didn’t have the time nor the money to sit in a restaurant.

The birth of the combustion engine made it possible for the Food Trucks, as we know them today, to be established in a very short time.

Being able to move easily and travel long distances made Food Trucks a legitimate alternative to traditional restaurant.

The idea of food trucks evolved in time. If in the last century eating on the street was seen as a necessity, today it’s a true experience. Tasting gourmet dishes in a stunning location is the new trend of travelling restaurants.

Today, more than yesterday, is then fundamental to take care of your image. Design, internal set-up and decorations are an integral part of the experience we offer our customers. Wheter you have a restaurant or a food truck, even the eye wants its part!

If you already have a truck, but its layout are no longer modern, we at BBM Food Trucks have the right solution for you!

Through a personalized counseling you can receive a free study of the design and give new life to your vehicle.

In order to renovate a food truck, though, there are some requirements:

  • the truck must have a good structure
  • the engine shouldn’t have particular problems or malfunctions.

If your vehicle is still in good conditions, then the solution could be to renew it.

Here’s an example of remodeling we realized:


The difference is remarkable, isn’t it?

Don’t undervalue the look of your truck, since a neat graphic and an innovative design will help you to stand out, attract new clients and give them a unique experience.

Choose the new design to give your Food Truck, we’ll take care of the rest!

Write us and ask for a free quote without obligation.

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