BEAUTY TRUCK: the winning idea for any cosmetic company

Do you have a beauty products company and want to be noticed? We have a proposition for you: open your mobile pop up store and travel to promote your company and your cosmetic products to new people.

In the common perception, food trucks are dedicated mainly to food products. However, being versatile vehicles, they are suitable for many more business fields. We created many mobile shop trucks not only for deli, fish or butcher shops, but also for clothing, sport and beauty.

A truck can become a moving spotlight for your company, allowing you to sell your products when and where you want, know your clients up close and hear their needs.

Which are the goals of a Beauty Truck?

  • Launch new products;
  • Promote already existing products;
  • Promote your brand thanks to the unique design of the vehicle

Try to imagine: a customized Truck with your beauty products inside, ready for a tour in all the biggest cities of your country. An alternative way of doing Street Retail by meeting the most loyal customers. You will give them a revolutionary shopping experience presenting make-up products, creams and treatments in the streets of their cities. Moreover, a beauty truck is ideal to meet new clients by showing them what your brand has to offer.

Nyx and Lush, for example, are beauty companies which have already tried this new technique of Street Retail, having a big success and being noticed in a market where competition is high.

The next mobile pop-up store can be yours! What is the next destination?

Contact us to have a personalized couselling and to hop abourt your Beauty Truck as soon as possible!

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