Restaurant or food truck? Food “on the go” is an ever-growing trend, so restaurant owners have the possibility to create a fully customized moving restaurant.

Having a moving business allows you to have a lot of benefits both from an economic perspective and in terms of brand positioning.

Are you wondering how to start your business in the street food market?

The first step is for sure to create a precise business plan.

You need to take into consideration 3 factors:

  1. The culinary offer you intend to make
  2. Your budget to start the activity
  3. The time you need to develop your business

You should have a clear menu and the image you want to give your business in mind, in order to structure a food truck which immediately communicates the idea of how your brand is placed.

Aren’t you convinced yet? Here’s three reasons why a food truck is a winning choice in comparison to opening a restaurant:


Starting a street food activity allows you to have lowered initial costs compared to those necessary to open a restaurant.

It is not necessary to buy a property, but you just need a small investment to purchase a customized Food Truck pursuant to standards, so that you can conduct your business to the fullest.

Operational costs are really convenient too: to manage a moving kitchen you just need 2/3 people, there are no taxes or rent to pay and energy can also be easy to obtain thanks to a power generator or, in the most cutting-edge and environmentally conscious trucks, thanks to solar panels.


Are you thinking of starting your dining activity, but are you afraid that your location of choice could be wrong or even detrimental for your business? A food truck is the solution to this dilemma: you can reach whatever location you want and, once you discover the points of greatest turnout in your city, no one will be able to resist your tasty street menu!

If on the other hand you are an adventurer, discovering new places each day and let new people try your food will become a funny experience and an opportunity to create a network of loyal customers.

Moreover, there is an increasing number of festivals, exhibition or street food events to be a part of: in this way you can show your brand and your cooking and also meet your travelling companions, the other street fooders, with whom you can exchange precious advices and – why not? – build a friendship.


Having a jaw-dropping truck is a magnetic tool to attract people and publicize your concept and your food: food trucks are actually precious allies to advertise and promote while cooking, making your brand grow rapidly and homogeneously.

Furthermore, more and more frequently these food trucks are required to cater public events or private/corporate parties, because they allow to mix good food and a friendly mood, creating a funny and innovative ambience for all the attendees. These are some unique occasions to make your business grow!

So, off the imagination, which allows to create modern and futuristic food trucks, or, for the most nostalgic ones, there are also vintage-inspired trucks.

BBM Food Trucks is specialized exclusively in realizing food trucks according to each client’s needs.
We do not only make your dreams come true, but we also give you suggestions and advice on how to set-up your food truck, thanks to a complete team able to take care of each problem.

If you want to start a new adventure and launch your business, do not hesitate to contact us!

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