Uncertainty generated by the healthcare crisis has caused problems for many restaurateurs who were planning to open their own place in the short run. Rent, electrical appliances and furniture are just some of the initial expenses to start a restaurant. Moreover, nowadays sales of take away food are rapidly growing and a restaurant business set on a food truck is perfect for this type of activity. Dear future restaurateur, we have a proposal for you: start a business on wheels. Prices for a food truck are significantly lower than the costs you’d have to bear opening a restaurant and the advantages are multiple. We offer you a versatile and innovative vehicle, perfect for any start-up in the food industry.

How to choose your street food vehicle?

Each business has its own needs, that result in choosing a vehicle instead of another. In order to start the selection, we make a first distinction bewteen food trucks on vehicles or on trailers.

Food trucks only require a B driving license, since they are comparable to cars, having a total weight under 3,5 tons. Trailers, on the other hand, need a BE driving license, since license B allows you to drive a trailer with MAM 750 kg; a street food trailer, though, weighs on average between 2,5 and 3,5 tons.

Let’s look at the best 3 options by BBM and analyze their features.

  • Little Jack
  • Americano or traditional Food Truck?
  • Trailers

1. Little Jack

Are you in doubt between truck and trailer? Little Jack offers both options!

The distinctive feature of this street food vehicle is undoubtedly versatility: suitable for many different uses, adaptable price for each need and large working spaces. This vehicle actually, being a roll-off kiosk, allows you to work on the ground and to have a direct contact with the public. Moreover, it’s also very compact since there is no wheel arch inside.

2. Americano or traditional Food Truck?

Think about a Peugeot Boxer and add a little bit of fantasy and creativity: that’s how the Americano was born. A vehicle for street food and more, which stands out among all the other trucks.

If you want your business to be unique and recognizable, this is the vehicle for you. It is characterised by a modern and sophisticated design which will be recognized among many others.

This street food vehicle’s main advantage is rapidity: you can move from one location to another in a very short time and driving comfortably. Moreover, the Americano is aesthetically pleasing and will allow you to become better known even during your trips. It’s basically a promotional campaign on wheels, which will add value to your business!

If you have a lower budget and prefer to opt for a more neutral look, you can always choose a traditional food truck. The front-end of the truck is kept as the original, but on the inside it can be set-up with functional and high quality appliances with which you’ll be able to prepare and store your dishes as if you were in a true kitchen.

3. Trailer

Street food trailers are a cheaper alternative to traditional food trucks; however, they still guarantee quality and practicality. Street food trailers allow you to keep all the comfort of your car, which obviously shall conform to towing.

Moreover, it is compact and not too heavy, therefore it’s easy to move it “manually” to the most suitable spot. Lastly, trailers do not need a specific insurance, since the car insurance covers the trailer as well.

In conclusion, there are many street food vehicle types and each one has its own charm and advantages. Tell us your project by filling in this form to have a free customized consulting with our team.

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